Why Scouting Mt. Lebanon?

Several months ago Detailed Unit Assessments of Scout units (Packs, Troops, and Crews) in the Municipality of Mt Lebanon were conducted by the Commissioner Staff.  A theme emerged indicating a need for help on promoting the scouting program within the Township. Units expressed that a lack of brand messaging of the Scouting program within the community has had a dramatic effect on the ability to improve membership within their units. It was noted that over the past several years Cub Packs have disappeared and Scout Troops have seen a reduction in membership. The Venture Crew is holding on, but it too has seen a decline in the membership and advisory support.

We “circled the wagons” and working as a forensic team we looked at the current strategy of program sustainability. At the present time we have 293 youth involved in the program. We have 5 Cub Packs feeding 5 Troops which feed one Venture Crew. We recognized that as our older youth age out and working without a comprehensive active recruiting/retention campaign the number of youth involved will continue to decline.

To sustain and improve this valuable program within our community we have come together as a leadership team and developed a strategy that will keep the scouting program visible to the citizens of Mt Lebanon and build a heathier membership.

Getting the word out and keeping the program visible to the community is the objective of this Web Page and the Scouting Mt. Lebanon focus group. Building unity between the scouting units will improve our delivery of the program to the youth and parents of Mt Lebanon.